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In 1993, a few months before Solvej was born, her parents Jenny and Thomas established in Jenny’s hometown, in the center of the northern island of New Zealand, one of those rural areas where you often have to create your own work. As a cabinet maker and craft teacher Thomas had a dream of his own workshop.

When Solvej was 5 months-old they discovered that she loved swinging. Not being able to find a swing they liked on the market (most of them moulded plastic) they designed one themselves. Thomas was inspired by a wooden lazy-boy chair he had seen in a potter’s home in east Thailand, an old Swedish self-recliner deck chair and an Indian deck chair from that he combined and developed his designs.
Due to the success of the creation, so much for Solvej as for many parents of her friends, they decided to go in to production.

Solvej swings were born at that moment, with a business philosophy whose values ​​have been maintained until today: high quality, fair price, care for the environment and contribution to society.

Babies and children love to swing everywhere in the world. Swinging brings physical, sensory and social benefits among many others for your baby and child.