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Discover who is behind CITZZY

About us

We are a children’s fashion concept store for demanding parents, designed to offer the best for kids and cover the needs of your family.

Welcome to CITZZY!

I am Marta, mum, fashion lover and passionate traveler. When my first daughter was born I discovered my fascination for the children’s universe, which soon captivated me until I made the decision to start a new adventure that would integrate two of my great passions: fashion and children.

This passion has not stopped growing, especially after the birth of my second daughter. Every day we are more, also here, where every day we are more #citzzylovers.

Thinking of parents who, like you, want the best for their kids, we have a very clear objective: to offer solutions to active families who do not find satisfaction in the uniformity of the children’s fashion prevailing in our market.

Here you will discover local and international brands, with contemporary, romantic and harmonious touches. Garments that surprise, easy to combine, comfortable and that pay close attention to the autonomy and freedom of children. Also home clothes and accessories that will turn daily routines into unique moments.

Discover new creators and designers from any corner of the world, let yourself be surprised with their special products and with character. All inspired, designed and manufactured with criteria of sustainability and social responsibility. Brands that tell a story and that defend the values ​​of sustainability, quality and design.

Citzzy wants to contribute to the satisfaction of mothers who love to see their children happy, comfortable and stylish.

Wild children, dreamers, creatives, innocents, that want to discover the world. Children from all over the world, without distinction or barriers, wearing a practical style but always taking care of the details.

Small citizens of the world who feel free, who enjoy and with whom to enjoy life. Citzzy children.

How can we help you?

We love our work and we try to do our best, knowing that every day we learn something new and we are improving step by step.

We have a lot to offer, so we take great care of the customer and try to have a close relationship with each one of you.

If you need advice, you have doubts about sizes, clothes, materials or do not know what to choose for a gift, contact us. We will help you and we will advise you on what you need.

You can check here here our conditions and if you also want to be updated on news, trends, promotions or just want to get inspired by our suggestions, subscribe to our CITZZY Journal and our news o follow us on Instagram and Facebook.